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Italian Luxury Marble

marble, granite, onyx, stone...and much more

ILM supplies and works with Marble, Granite, Onyx and Stone.

For more than 20 years we have worked in this field. We choose Marble and other special materials from the quarries, we are involved in the transformation/working of the materials, as well as undertaking prestigious projects around the world.

OOur organization and our professional team can satisfy any special request and undertake any scale of projects. Using special materials we are renowned for quality, luxury products and projects.

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About Us

ILM is an artisan company in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy. Pietrasanta is renowned for its artistic works in marble, stone, mosaics and bronze.

We are specialized in the production of high quality finishes and art work for prestigious project and for a very demanding clientele.

Our standards carry a high level of specialization which comes from years of artistic tradition which is characteristic of Tuscany.

By using some of the most prestige materials both local and other, we are able (thanks to many years of experience) to design, carry out plus supervise the labor aspect of interior and exterior designs, artistic works, custom made works, patterned floors and wall finishes.

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